Cloud Computing - Look before you leap (Abstract)

16 June 2017

Jimmy Sheahan, Ergo's Group Technical Director, speaks to Quinton O'Reilly from the Sunday Business Post about the ever increasing demand that businesses are now placing on the cloud and why it is more important than ever. 

The demands businesses have for these hybrid cloud services continue to grow. For Jimmy Sheahan, group technical director of Ergo, this isn’t changing anytime soon. “They are getting what they need and in the last six to 12 months we’re now seeing that maturity coming in whereby large data centre migration to [the public] cloud is now becoming a reality,” he said.

Sheahan also comments on how businesses can have the wrong expectations when moving to the cloud. Incorporating it into your day-to-day work isn’t just a software change, it’s also changing how people work. “We see a lot of situations where people buy into the collaboration platforms and have the wrong expectations of what they’re buying… that’s a big user adoption and training piece,” he said. “If they don’t turn on to and they expect that the way they work will be the same as before, they will lose all the benefits realisation of buying into it in the first place.

“The things you do in the first number of weeks and months of your cloud journey are the most important things . . . that journey over the coming years, things scale, things grow and the benefits are how you work that and use that for your business.”

As part of Ergo, which has close ties to Microsoft, Sheahan is aware of the level of investment these major companies place on security and how it can benefit businesses in the long run. “As an organisation, we have more proximity to Microsoft Azure Cloud, but we can certainly see the level of investments being made could simply not be maintained or even closely maintained by any other private organisations,” he said. “That level of investments is continuously occurring and at such a scale, and having to deal with that breath of security concern and data privacy and then adding performance requirements and future requirements, it’s extraordinary really when you consider what the cloud can do.

“You have to be aware of regulatory and data compliance that you may have as an organisation and making sure that things are fit for purpose. But outside of that, what you can turn on now to protect yourself is miles ahead of what you can do on premises.”

Regardless, the days of asking for cloud as an add-on are long gone. Forget it being front and centre of what businesses want: it’s now a necessity for many. “They’re saying: ‘We want to do the following, make it happen’ instead of asking if cloud is the right way to go — those days are over,” said Sheahan.

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