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22 May 2017

Ergo won Managed Service Company of the Year at the Tech Excellence Awards 2017 and was the main delivery partner in HSE Epilepsy Lighthouse Project that won the IT Project of the Year (public sector) category. The first reflects Ergo’s core business capabilities; the second highlights a technical prowess and capacity to innovate.

John Purdy, CEO of Ergo, commented, “We are delighted to be recognised for what we do around Managed Services, a core part of our business. Our commitment to clients is not simply to deliver a service, but to drive continuous improvement and provide a foundation for business transformation. And we are very proud to have played a role in a pioneering piece of work for the HSE that is making a real difference to people’s lives.”

Ergo was the lead technical partner in the HSE’s Electronic Patient Record project, headed up by Programme Manager Mary Fitzsimons and in collaboration with the education partner Royal College of Surgeons Ireland (RCSI) and Microsoft. Earlier this month it came third in the prestigious eHealth Adoption Awards 2017. The awards are supported by the European Commission and recognise the work of adopters and their technological suppliers in implementing eHealth innovation for the benefit of patients throughout Europe.

Derek Kehoe, Ergo Sales Director, attended the ceremony in Malta. “The project shows that Irish innovation is up there with the best in Europe. Ergo was involved from its inception and now stands over the scheme with a Managed Service. I think it speaks volumes about our end-to-end capabilities and the depth and range of our skills,” he said.

Ergo devised a way of collecting and collating data that now forms the basis of a single EPR and patient portal for epilepsy sufferers. It has become indispensable for doctors and nurses across Ireland, transforming paper-based patient records the size of telephone books into a searchable electronic database.

The system is available throughout the country. The patient portal is a mobile-first, cloud-based solution. Both solutions have been created by Ergo working closely with clinicians and patients who are involved in epilepsy care pathways. No matter where care is delivered, information can be collected, added to the care record and accessed by the care team regardless of geographic location or care setting.

Ergo’s extensive Managed Service portfolio spans diverse services, from 24/7 IT Service Management to Managed Print and Managed Clouds, public and private. All are delivered through a tried-and-tested methodology, a mature process forged out of hard-earned experience that every client benefits from.

As an early cloud mover, Ergo was one of the first services companies in Ireland to integrate the cloud into a Managed Services portfolio and Purdy promises further innovation. “We are constantly looking at ways to leverage new technology that allows our clients to concentrate on their core business while we take care of IT complexity,” he said.

Managed Services Company of the Year                                IT Project of the Year (Public Sector) 


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