Cloud Application Development

The benefits of the cloud typically derive from large platforms supporting standardised services, but Ergo also uses it to deliver niche applications and customise existing software to deliver business-specific applications back to our clients.

Our software development team has a long history in helping businesses with their bespoke needs. Increasingly, this work is focused on building applications in .NET on the Microsoft Windows Azure. An open cloud platform, we use it to develop, deploy and manage applications that can be accessed from a global network of Microsoft data centres.

Azure provides the operating system and SQL database services, allowing clients to run applications straight out of the cloud with no upfront infrastructure costs. A Windows-based environment, Azure ensures easy integration with onsite software.

Other Cloud Application Development Benefits:

  • scalable
  • flexible 
  • automated
  • cost-effective
  • secure

We customise existing applications too. By building applications that integrate with Microsoft SharePoint in the cloud, we have extended the reach and functionality of the collaboration software, making it more relevant to more parts the business.

Our Clients
  • EBS
"Ergo’s commitment to excellence in customer service makes them a valued and trusted partner"
Head of IT, EBS