Hybrid Cloud Services

The cloud delivers on the promise of simplifying Information and Communications Technology (ICT) for businesses, but big decisions still have to be made around the different platforms and hosting options. At Ergo, we help our clients identify the best means of service delivery for a particular business requirement.

We have cloud-ready solutions for all platforms: 

  • Infrastructure as a Service
    Using our own data centre facilities and third parties
  • Software as a Service
    We provide a range of application hosting services with market-leading software
  • Platform as a Service
    We build solutions and services for our clients on the Windows Azure public cloud

Serving the needs of diverse industries, we know that a financial services company will take a different cloud option to a retailer or a company with a mobile sales team.

We steer clients towards an appropriate hybrid model that gives the best of all worlds, ensuring that decisions are based on sound business reasons rather than convenience and ‘flavour of the month’ solutions.

We often find that a combination of public and private clouds makes sense for more established businesses. Ergo’s Professional & Consulting Services Team will advise on the best strategies, the software applications most appropriate to reap the benefits of a public cloud, and the services that need the control and governance of a private cloud. 

Many businesses will want to sweat existing investments rather than move everything to the cloud. An integrated approach that retains legacy systems is another part of our hybrid approach.

Our Clients
  • EBS
"Ergo’s commitment to excellence in customer service makes them a valued and trusted partner"
Head of IT, EBS