Document and Print Consulting

Cost savings are just the starting point with an Ergo Managed Print Service. We give you a networked platform to increase the efficiency of document management through digitisation and electronic distribution. We provide a full range of Managed Document Services around printing, scanning, imaging, faxing, copying and storage. 

Our Professional Services team tailors print solutions to your specific needs, whether it’s addressing issues around security and compliance, or rolling out a Managed Print Service to multiple locations, ensuring that every site shares the same infrastructure and benefits.

Managed Document Services cover Four Key Areas:

  1. Independent Audits of:
  • Infrastructure
  • Software
  • Print volume
  • User experience
  • Incumbent service delivery
  • Device placement
  1. Service Support including:
  • Firmware updates
  • Server operating software migration/upgrades
  • Print server installations
  • Server hardware migrations and upgrades
  • SQL migrations and upgrades
  • Pull print solution installation and maintenance (FollowMe, SafeCom)
  • Print tracking solutions (Equitrac/SafeCom)
  • Print driver analysis
  • Driver updates and upgrades
  • Universal print driver deployment
  1. Device Security Consulting including:
  • Risk assessment and report generation
  • Recommendation and implementation          
  1. Document Process and Workflow Consulting including:
  • Paper-process audit, reporting and recommendations
  • Workflow automation services
  • Document management services
  • Scan to folder
  • Scan to workflow
  • Scan to SharePoint
  • Document routing
  • Archiving solutions
  • Forms automation
Our Clients
  • Topaz
"We expect projects delivered on time, in budget, to the specifications we want & Ergo are the partner to do it"
Retail Director, Topaz