Managed Application Support

Many organisations need to customise applications to better serve the needs of their business, inevitably adding to the complexity of their IT environment. Tailored solutions become an ongoing challenge for support and maintenance teams more used to running a standardised environment.

Ergo's Bespoke Managed Application Support provides support for all of your Microsoft custom-built software, taking ownership of in-house and third-party solutions as well as those developed by our own team.

Irrespective of complexity and diversity, we provide the most cost-effective support while ensuring the highest quality of service. Our team of qualified experts will take proactive steps to prevent problems from arising, helping you stay on top of your applications and resolve issues quickly if something does go wrong.


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Our Clients
  • Gill and Macmillian
"Their support and flexibility has been excellent & everyone at Ergo is committed to the cause"
ICT Director, Gill & Macmillan