Managed Desktop Services

The desktop is undergoing a radical reinvention that is changing how organisations go about their business and the way employees work. Ergo helps clients make the right investment decisions around device-type and operating system, always matching the desktop to your business needs. A secure and user-friendly environment is the starting point, enabling you to drive out cost while improving productivity and responsiveness to dynamic business demands.

Standardisation of the desktop was the old way of driving efficiencies. Today, the desktop needs to be dynamic and tailored to different user roles, supporting the way people work with technology that makes them comfortable and therefore more productive.

Organisations Face a Number of Challenges:

  • Device choice: PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones all have a role in the workplace, but you have to decide what works best where and with who.
  • Workforce age: diverse employees spanning six decades are now active in the workforce with different needs, expectations and competencies that have to be served.
  • Roles: from task workers and knowledge workers to mobile users and office-based executives, desktop solutions have to be deployed that fit the job.
  • Locations: providing flexible access to computing resources in the office, at home, or on the move is now a must-have.

Nothing stands still in technology so our Managed Desktop Services are structured to stay on top of the new diversity and evolve to meet our customers’ changing needs. As consumer technology becomes accepted in the workplace, we support more flexible and mobile working practices, always driving productivity but never sacrificing security or the bottom-line business requirement.

A core product of the Ergo Managed Desktop Services is our Virtual Client Services. Find out more here

Our Clients
  • Beaumont Hospital
"Ergo helped us realise our vision of IT as a strategic business tool increasing our productivity & efficiency"
IT Director, Beaumont Hospital