Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence enables decision-makers to improve organisational effectiveness by saving money, improving customer service and understanding and predicting market trends. Access to accurate and timely information, which allows management teams to make faster and more informed decisions, is vital.

Ergo brings a fresh and flexible approach to Business Intelligence using the power of Microsoft SQL Server 2016 to provide the platform to extract and analyse data at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

Familiar desktop tools such as Microsoft Excel and SharePoint are then used to present the right information at the right time, helping inform better business decisions when there is no margin for error.

Business Intelligence Benefits

  • alignment around a consistent set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics.
  • faster, fact-based decision making.
  • simplified graphical presentation of KPIs and metrics.
  • reliable presentation of information.
  • combination of multiple data sources (ERP, CRM, Excel).
  • faster collection and dissemination of data.

Ergo builds Business Intelligence solutions by integrating the strengths of SQL Server 2016, SharePoint 2013 and Office 2016. SQL Server provides the platform to extract and analyse data at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. Because we use open, industry-wide standards, it makes integration with your other systems easier, saving time and money.

We work with organisations in deploying an effective Business Intelligence solution, from the way data is captured and stored to how it is subsequently managed and integrated. We maximise the value of your business data by aligning your operational procedures with your strategy to gain a comprehensive, integrated view of your business.


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