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From back-end infrastructure to personal productivity, Ergo has the knowledge and experience to match technology to all our client requirements. Our strength is understanding your business. The end goal is always the same, to make businesses more agile and competitive.

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Focus on your core business and leave ICT operations and management to the experts. From 24/7 service desk support to managing hybrid clouds, Ergo have the depth and experience to meet the most demanding service level requirements and ensure continuous improvement. 

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Competition for talented technology professionals is huge, which is why we make hiring more personal, taking time to match the right people to the right roles. Our technical experience and recruiting know-how help find the perfect fit for both parties.  

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Speed of change demands a new generation of digital investments that will drive business enablement and profitability. We support IT leaders, wherever they are on their digital transformation journeys, with our digital assessment methodology. 

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Our goal is to deliver the best possible print and document service for you, leveraging the latest technologies and innovation to ensure the performance of your print environment is optimised to maximise employee productivity.  We take out costs, add efficiencies, wrap it in end-to-end security and make print integral to digital transformation. 

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Agility is key to business success and the cloud is where to get it. We offer a wide range of cloud services – public, private, hybrid – and provide the best of both worlds by integrating or migrating legacy systems to streamline the way your IT is consumed. 

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Ergo provides a clear roadmap for digital transformation with practical steps to make businesses more agile and customer-centric

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Ergo has provided many of Ireland’s largest organisations with an ecosystem of mobile applications and collaboration services that drive productivity without compromising on security

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Businesses struggle to manage software assets and don’t always get the best value. We can help streamline your software purchasing, simplify deployments and maximise your investments. 

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Security, Risk and Compliance

Risks around cyber security and data protection are an ever-increasing challenge for businesses. We provide security lifecycle management, from perimeter testing and threat analysis to mitigating the impact of a breach. 

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Microsoft Technology Specialisations

With the largest team of Microsoft IT professionals in Ireland – including two Most Valuable Professionals our expertise spans a comprehensive portfolio of products/services

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Finding Your IT Edge: Top Tips to Succeed in any Interview

Finding Your IT Edge: Top Tips to Succeed in any Interview

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Finding Your IT Edge: Top Tips to Succeed in any Interview
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Finding Your IT Edge: Top Tips to Succeed in any Interview

Interviews can be daunting – this is fact. However, what a lot of people don’t realise is that every candidate has some degree of power when it comes to determining whether they will be successful in their interview or not. Being technically and personally capable to perform a job is of utmost importance, but the impression you leave on your interviewers also has a significant effect on the outcome.

In short: preparation is vital, it is key, and it matters. A lot of people tend to brush over a role and job spec. presuming they will just wing it at the interview on the day. If you want to be ready for an interview, you need to approach it with the right amount of preparation. Your research before the interview is equally important. Ensure you have the following figured out before the day arrives:

Locate the Venue: How far away is it? How will you get there? How much time do you need to allow yourself?

Do your Research: Study the company and its culture. Don’t give the impression that you aren’t concerned about the company’s story or their business background.

Who are you talking to? Find out who you will be meeting and check out their LinkedIn. It will give you a good idea of the interview panel, and their role within the company.

Know your CV: If you are asked about something listed on your CV and struggle to confidently explain or remember the details, it will not impress. The format of the interview is important, so you can prepare for the type of questions you could be asked on the day.

Ok, you’ve checked off the list above. Now what?

Next, is to prepare yourself for what kind of questions you could be asked. These days, a lot of companies will go down the route of competency-based interviews, meaning it’s important that you prepare for these type of questions, having effective and impressive answers ready.

The key thing with this, is to recall good examples of where you took ownership of difficult situations and developed a successful resolution. This, in turn, acts as a reflective of how you will re-approach a similar situation in your potential new role.

To answer these types of questions well, I advise using the STAR guide:

Situation: What circumstances were you under? What had just happened/failed to happen?

Task: What did you need to do to achieve a good result from the situation?

Action: How did you carry out the task you needed to perform? What resources did you use? Who did you ask?

Result: What was the result from the situation? Did it work out in your favour? Who did it benefit in the organisation?

What else do you need to consider?

Dress Code: Like it or not, first impressions tend to stick. That’s why it’s important to dress appropriately. This varies depending on the company, so make sure you have checked this and are completely sure before arriving to the interview on the day.

Show Enthusiasm: Don’t limit yourself to only answering the questions asked of you. Show your eagerness for the role by volunteering information, asking relevant questions and engaging properly with your interviewer. In my experience, if you have two candidates interviewing for a job with similar qualifications, the one who displays real enthusiasm will be successful.

Body Language: As body language frequently acts as a lie detector, it is hard to fake. Make sure to relax as much as possible and be at ease when in an interview. A tense body leads to a tense atmosphere. Try these tips to help yourself stay on track while interviewing:

  • Slow Down: Often when we operate at the speed of our minds, we lose control of our body language. Taking the time to speak slowly and articulately will help pave a reliable path to having greater control over your body and body language, enabling you to settle in to a more relaxed, natural state. 
  • Eye Contact: Maintain frequent, though intermittent, eye contact. Sense the comfort level of the interviewer and give them slightly more than equal eye contact. This relaxes you both and helps you engage better in the conversation.
  • Posture: Sit upright, but in a relaxed position so that your shoulders drop naturally, and your back is straight, but not flexed backwards.
  • Angles: Direct your shoulders so that you are facing the manager. This suggests openness, rather than avoidance.
  • Leaning: Lean in fluidly when appropriate, but always return to a natural sitting position.
  • Hands and Feet: Find a few comfortable poses that suit you. In general, your feet should be flat on the floor (if possible) and hands should be in a neutral state unless speaking. When you do speak, gesture sparingly.

Finally - stay in your chair, not your thoughts.

Remember: an interview is only a conversation, and you have had thousands of conversations throughout your life. If you think of it as a performance, you are likely to find it difficult to relax and be at ease, which will affect your body language and the overall atmosphere of the conversation.

The key to succeed in any interview is to prepare. As I said before; know where you’re going, know who you’re talking to and know your CV. You would not be interviewing for this job if the hiring manager didn’t think you were qualified, so all you have left to do is calmly and confidently describe yourself and your qualifications. Make sure to be present and not to overthink a situation.

The pressure of searching and preparing for job interviews can be lessened significantly by letting someone else do it for you. Ergo engages with candidates to help them find the IT job that is right for them; one that will bring challenge and satisfaction, as well as career progression.

The IT market is highly competitive right now, but we can help you cement your position there. Send your CV to the email address below and watch your tech career, unfold.

Take your next step. Check out our open roles here.

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