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From back-end infrastructure to personal productivity, Ergo has the knowledge and experience to match technology to all our client requirements. Our strength is understanding your business. The end goal is always the same, to make businesses more agile and competitive.

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Focus on your core business and leave ICT operations and management to the experts. From 24/7 service desk support to managing hybrid clouds, Ergo have the depth and experience to meet the most demanding service level requirements and ensure continuous improvement. 

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Competition for talented technology professionals is huge, which is why we make hiring more personal, taking time to match the right people to the right roles. Our technical experience and recruiting know-how help find the perfect fit for both parties.  

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Speed of change demands a new generation of digital investments that will drive business enablement and profitability. We support IT leaders, wherever they are on their digital transformation journeys, with our digital assessment methodology. 

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Our goal is to deliver the best possible print and document service for you, leveraging the latest technologies and innovation to ensure the performance of your print environment is optimised to maximise employee productivity.  We take out costs, add efficiencies, wrap it in end-to-end security and make print integral to digital transformation. 

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Agility is key to business success and the cloud is where to get it. We offer a wide range of cloud services – public, private, hybrid – and provide the best of both worlds by integrating or migrating legacy systems to streamline the way your IT is consumed. 

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Ergo provides a clear roadmap for digital transformation with practical steps to make businesses more agile and customer-centric

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Ergo has provided many of Ireland’s largest organisations with an ecosystem of mobile applications and collaboration services that drive productivity without compromising on security

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Businesses struggle to manage software assets and don’t always get the best value. We can help streamline your software purchasing, simplify deployments and maximise your investments. 

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Security, Risk and Compliance

Risks around cyber security and data protection are an ever-increasing challenge for businesses. We provide security lifecycle management, from perimeter testing and threat analysis to mitigating the impact of a breach. 

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Microsoft Technology Specialisations

With the largest team of Microsoft IT professionals in Ireland – including two Most Valuable Professionals our expertise spans a comprehensive portfolio of products/services

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The 5 Unknown Security Threats to Your Business

The 5 Unknown Security Threats to Your Business

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The 5 Unknown Security Threats to Your Business
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The 5 Unknown Security Threats to Your Business

Cyber security attacks are becoming too familiar in today’s business world. These high profile ransomware attacks and the pending obligations from the GDPR, require a new focus on identity, application and data protection. It is incumbent on all ICT managers, to ensure that all reasonable steps are being taken to provide the most appropriate level of protection within ICT environments.

In parallel to the rise of cybercrime, technology developers and integrators have to keep pace to ensure we can meet known threats with the services and processes that defend against intrusion and ICT abuse.

Where IT managers are not investing in the required levels of protection, there’s no question that they will at some point succumb to one kind of threat or another. These can often be in the form of seemingly non-threatening processes, which then can often leave your business breached and vulnerable. Keep an eye out for potential cybercrimes in these 5 seemingly innocent cases:  

1. Updating and Patching 

Exploiting operating system and application vulnerabilities, is a primary target for the cyber criminals as the general lack of adherence to maintaining patch levels, is poor and inconsistent.

Fully patched environments yawned at the recent threat delivered by WannaCry – exploiting a known (but fully remedied) Windows vulnerability. Where patching and updating was derelict, panic ensued and fingers were crossed in efforts to close the vulnerability once the attack had been known.

It is important to engage with a partner who can not only ensure this is delivered, but that it is delivered safely. We deliver patching and updating solutions to meet the needs of medium and enterprise businesses by deploying a suitable solution, managing the implantation and reporting on the compliance.

2. Upgrading

Legacy operating systems and applications have typically fallen out of scope for patching and updating and therefore pose significant risk to the business. Not only are legacy systems more difficult to integrate with modern services, they also open significant vulnerability with their lack of continuous development.

It is important that your business performs regular application redevelopment or re-platforming to modernize these applications and services, thus reducing the surface area of attack. This also benefits the business in terms of modern applications and services, returning higher productivity and increased return on investment.

Doing this identifies the services and applications that need to be redressed in your business, which can then result in workable solutions being devised to mitigate the significant risk they present, saving you from a potential breach.

3. End to End Security Strategies

Although adopting an end to end security strategy within your organisation is a huge helping start to combat cyber criminals, it is often needed to go a step further. Delivering a traditional solution such as firewalls, encryption services and antimalware solutions will do the job for the most part, but with the increased security risks and vast breadth of exposure due to the prevalence of cloud and mobile requirements, it is now recommended to cover all corners and to employ a multi-layered security strategy.

Extending beyond traditional measures, this deployment solution aims at encompassing the surfaces exposed in the new digital world. No single point solution will suffice, or protect you, so a multi-layer approach in addition to the traditional security services, is warranted.

4. Identity credentials

An individual’s identity, once compromised, is the cyber criminal’s unencumbered access to your business IP. Identity theft in its many guises (Social Engineering, Phishing, etc.), is a primary strategy for the cybercriminal, with well documented evidence of such incursions going undetected for weeks, months and even years.

Hackers gained access to POS systems of the US Retailer, Target, using login credentials belonging to a heating and ventilation company. It’s very difficult for an IT manager to defend such an attack, due to lack of complexity used to compromise the systems and negligence by Target, in adhering to common-sense security practices.

To combat this, make sure your business has deployed a multifactor authentication (MFA) and privileged identity management (PIM), either of which would have prevented such an intrusion.

5. Applications and Devices

All applications have a uniqueness that can be identified – code signatures for example, so they can be singularly identified and authorized. Ensuring that the application used by your people to access your data, is the only bona fide application permitted, is one of the security layers you need to adopt.

Otherwise, this is easily hacked and easily pulled apart – leaving a major mess for you and your organisation to clean up. Especially in today’s tech landscape, where cloud connectivity is part of life, identity authorization on applications needs to be implemented, thoroughly and properly and accurately.

So what now?

Five day-to-day occurrences in your business, and five very possible sources for a company wide attack. Now, more than ever, is the time to be vigilant. As technology expands and grows, so too will new methods of hacking and cybercrime. Face these lurking criminals by adopting a partnership with an expert who can identify the most vulnerable parts of your business, while also compiling a strategy to keep the invasions at bay, helping you sleep soundly at night.

Ergo is equipped with the experts and technology necessary to combat these pain points and keep you on the road to achieving your business goals. We develop an understanding of your company right from the start and put the right processes in place to protect you from getting hit. Don’t be the one who gets caught out. Don’t be the one who’s next on their list.

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